Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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Famed as the holy herb of the Greeks, the precious Lavendula has been well-established as a folk remedy ages since, known to one & all for its wondrous attributes & most versatile therapeutic essence – its delicate flowers, alluring scent and its multiplicity of uses.

From the myriad of miraculous properties, it essentially boasts of embalming & reviving qualities, properties of anti-inflammation & hydration, an effective disinfectant & antiseptic & aiding in sleep and relaxation, also acting as an insect repellent – both refreshing & calming.

The aromatic herb is an evergreen plant reaching up to 3 feet with exquisite lilac coloured blooms – the essential oil extracted by means of steam distillation of the flowers.

Helps in: Skin conditions, toning & clarifying | Improving blood circulation | Muscular & joint pain relief | Respiratory issues | Digestive disorders | Genito-urinary issues | Boosting immunity | Nervine woes | Healing Radical Damage | Soothing burns & wounds | Alleviating migraines & headaches | Anti-aging | Mental clarity & brain function


  • Never ingest pure, undiluted essential oils without the supervision of a qualified aromatherapist or a trained practitioner. If ingested, it might harm your mouth, intestines and internal organs. For external use only.
  • Always take Patch Tests before using any Natural Products
  • Increased intake of Water and Fluids suggested – enabling the Toxins to flush out faster and enhance the effects of Essential Oils
  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Check with your aromatherapy practitioner to learn more about specific phototoxic essential oils – not to be used during the day, but can prove to be really beneficial if used at night.
  • Essential oils can be of great help when in treating mild day to day ailments. Always keep a basic kit of essential oils handy, enabling you can make a fresh blend as needed.


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