IHT9 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 200 ml

IHT9 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 200 ml

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Weight: 200.00ml
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Infuse hair growth and reverse the effects of the daily dust and dirt on your scalp with IHT9 herbal shampoo. The blend of 9 potent herbal extracts in this Ayurvedic shampoo helps in nourishing hair from the roots to tips and helps fighting away the first signs of balding. You get a safe hair shampoo with therapeutic and hair conditioning properties, which restores your hair to its healthy-looking state. This organic shampoo provides durablity, frizz-less hair. You get softer, lustrous and denser hair that is easy to manage and style. IHT9 shampoo targets the most damaged areas first by treating dormant hair follicles. With a shelf life of 24 months and a need of just 3-4 drops for every wash, this 200 ml shampoo bottle is all that is needed to give your tresses a luscious.


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