Certified Cananga Essential Oil

Certified Cananga Essential Oil

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Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Aroma: Sweet, Exotic, Deeply Floral, Slightly Woodsy and Heady with a Creamy note
Blends Well With: Cypress, Geranium, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Jasmine, Vetiver, Bergamot, Cassia, Rose.

  • Used in aromatherapy practice to aid in relaxation and stress reduction, and the oil of the flowers is said to benefit the skin and hair. It can also be used medicinally as a way to control stress and stress related symptoms, such as high blood pressure and heart palpitations.
  • Skin: Cananga essential oil has a balancing and stimulating effect on the skin and is beneficial for combination skin, irritated skin and areas with uneven skin tone.
  • This oil can also be used to stimulate hair growth for those with hair loss or thinning hair.
  • Cananga oil can help relieve irritability, depression, anxiety and low self esteem.
  • Cananga essential oil can assist with problems such as high blood pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat, nervous conditions, as well as impotence and frigidity.
  • Congestion:
    35 drops of Cananga oil
    30 drops of Eucalyptus oil
    25 drops of Tea Tree oil
    10 drops of Lemon oil
    Add to small dish and mix well. Place your head over a bowl of steamy water, covering your head with a large towel to keep the steam in. Keeping your eyes closed; add 2 drops of the essential oil mixture. Inhale through your nose, breathing deeply, for 5 minutes, or until the essential oils evaporate and you find relief from congestion.
  • Fungal Infections:
    10 drops of Cananga oil
    10 drops of Tea Tree oil
    4 drops of Clary Sage oil
    2 ounces of Aloe Vera gel
    Add to a 2 ounce squeeze bottle; use a glass stirring rod to mix. Apply on the infected area. 2-3 times daily or as needed until infection clears.


Oil Specific:  Non-toxic but possibly sensitizating. Use well diluted. Avoid during pregnancy.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult a health care practitioner prior to use. Possible skin sensitivity. Do not apply to sensitive tissues. Not intended for children six years of age or younger.
The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither Oh that glow nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease.


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