Bergamot Vividev Shower Gel

Bergamot Vividev Shower Gel

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Weight: 250.00ml
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Special Ingredients & their Therapeutic Benefits (Bergamot Shower Gel):     

  • Lavender: The exotic herb is known for its soothing & anti-inflammatory properties, effective in cell regeneration, improving blood circulation & excellent detox – combating issues like chapped skin, Cold sores, Acne, Sunspots etc. including other skin conditions, with the added perk of divine scent.
  • Bergamot: Infused with the goodness of multiple health benefits – improving blood circulation, preventing infections & relaxing the nerves, while effectively healing scars & marks on the skin, treating Acne, Pigmentation & Melanin issues, with the added perk of being an excellent deodorant!

Caution: Always take Patch Tests before using any Natural Products


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