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Frankincense Essential Oil works at a cellular level to assist with inflammation, decrease blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, scaring, acne and sun damage.

 Geranium Essential Oil used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin, geranium oil is now used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones.

 Helichrysum Essential Oil  reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, providing a soothing sensation for the skin

 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has been proven to help regulate the production of sebum, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands, to protect your hair and skin from drying out. It has many cosmetic uses, including:

  • Maintaining skin moisture
  • Clearing and healing acne
  • Promoting hair growth
  • Acting as a natural conditioning agent for your hair.
  • Ylang ylang oil also has antimicrobial properties that can help reduce skin irritation and redness.


  • Inhale: Inhalation is a fast route to enjoying their mood-boosting benefits, so just open the bottle and sniff.
  • Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser: add a 3-5 drops into your diffuser.
  • Soak it in: Adding a few drops to the bathtub delivers benefits to your nose and skin at the same time, along with a fabulous, relaxing spa-like experience. Bonus: Add 1-2 cups of Epsom salts to help detox heavy metals promoting soothe skin.
  • Use a carrier oil: Applying pure essential oils directly to your skin can cause irritation. Use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil.

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