An innovative, free business platform is now live and all set to globally uplift the beauty and wellness industry.

An innovative, free business platform is now live and all set to globally uplift the beauty and wellness industry.

NEW YORK, NY – (25/12/2018) The United States based spa and salon appointment booking software has now been launched in cities across the world. Beauty and Wellness businesses can now register themselves using PBW Pro to get their services, products, etc. listed and connect with relevant clients easily. This is expected to revolutionize the personal wellness industry internationally as many small-scale service centers now stand to gain increased public attention. Among the ways by which various businesses stand to benefit, the removal of the geographic barrier is perhaps the most important breakthrough. Clients can access personalized  beauty and wellness services in locations of their choice which means a spa located in a relatively difficult to access location can now enroll a significantly larger client population.

Andre L Wouansi, Co-Founder and CEO of PBW says, “Over the past few years, technology has found its way into almost every business sector there is and significantly impacted upon the standards of management and marketing. I feel it is high time beauty and wellness practices across the world integrate technology into their business and progress to the maximum potential of the industry in all aspects.”

The PBW is a well-established platform in the United States and the rest of the world stands to experience similar business gains as previously established here. Using advanced software technology, the PBW functions smoothly and is extremely user-friendly. The service providers and their clients find the application’s User Interface comfortable and get familiarised rather quickly.

The PBW, though basically listed as a spa and salon management software is loaded with various other features that collectively aid in the smooth operation of the user’s centre. Individual consultants are encouraged to enlist their services as well. The various features of the PBW Pro are-

1.  Tools to set up a free website for the business where the user can list their services, sell their products, promote top consultants and offer membership packages, promotional deals and discounts to their customers.

2.  Available as a downloadable application compatible with Android and iOS devices. This can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection and the business can run smoothly even if the user is unable to be physically present at the business location.

3.  Doubles as a convenient Point of Sale system where online transactions can be carried out securely which effectively guards the consultants against no shows due to the spa or salon’s ability to charge a booking fee.

4.  Appointments can easily be booked. Management of these appointments is much easier as a live track of rescheduling or cancellations is maintained. Furthermore, strategically timed reminders are sent to the customers.

5.  Delivery of the service to the desired location of the customer not just expands the business reach but captures the interest of many clients who have less time in their hands to make it to regular appointments. The consultants are pre-screened with thorough background checks as a measure consistent with prioritising the safety of the customers.

6.  All relevant information about each client can be individually stored and accessed thus allowing the centres to personalise the experiences and target offers and packages depending on the client’s requirement and interests.

7.  Entire finances of the business can be managed using the application including commissions, payment histories of clients, salaries of employees and so on.

8.  Management of the employees and keeping tabs on their performances is much more effective using PBW.

The application is bound to be a success in the world market, affecting the overall revenue of the beauty industry.