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A nail salon scheduling software and so much more!!!

Operating a nail salon, we imagine is rewarding albeit exhausting process. There are just so many things that need to be taken care of and we are sure you can use all the help you get. This app lets you set up a free nail salon website for your business which you can effectively use to promote your centre through various means. Announce introductory offers, special discounts and more to catch the eye of hundreds of potential clients.

By listing your services on our appointment booking app, your business management is made a lot simpler and way more efficient. Through the app, you can handle bookings, cancellations and rescheduling of appointments, receive payments, access client information and manage employees in a manner that consumes very less time from your part.

Also, PBW Pro is completely free!!!!

PBW Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

You have point of sale, online scheduling, client and staff management, marketing, reports and more in one system.

PBW Inventory Control

Inventory Control

You keep track of your inventory and get custom notifications to warn you when you're running low on products.

PBW Complete Management

Complete Management

You have point of sale, online scheduling, client and staff management, marketing, reports and more in one system.



Advertise your nail salon on your personalized website, Facebook, automated deals and e-mail marketing

PBW Nail Salon Booking App

Why is PBW Pro the perfect solution for your Nail Salon?

Learn the advantages of using our platform:

You have everything that matters in the palm of your hand and you can check your data at any time.

With a calendar and a personalized login for each professional, there is no confusion when checking schedules and booking appointments.

Using the online schedule integrated with the loyalty program makes it easy to win new customers

You no longer depend on other systems and people to do the essential tasks for your nail salon. You can do it yourself!


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PBW is a business platform enabled with tools and features that make management and marketing of beauty businesses simple and efficient. Establish your online presence and build your reputation by creating a fully functional website that can be accessed from anywhere and using any device. Marketing, booking and point of sales tools that make remote handling of your business easy and adequate.

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