Take Your Business Online Within 48 Hours.

We will create, customize and host a FREE website exclusively for your business within 48 hours through PBW Pro.

Easy to Customize and Maintain

Your new website will be full of amazing features, such as selling gift cards and products, memberships, credit cards processing and allowing clients to schedule appointments with an option to upload files or medical records.

Beautiful and Professional Themes

The websites created through Personal Beauty & Wellness have a beautiful and professional layout, clean and easy to navigate. A website is a gateway to your business, giving your clients another gateway to finding out more about your spa, salon or fitness business.

Attract New Customers

The new PBW Pro website helps with the convenience and flexibility of 24/7 online booking, acquisition and retention of your clients.
A very useful tool to communicate with your customers and maintain loyalty. Announce promotions, showcase products, services, and loyalty membership programs and more.

Sell Services, Products, and Gift cards

Give your customers an easy way to stock on their favorite products, renew their memberships and buy a last-minute gift card for a special occasion.

PBW App Listing

Have your business showcased to thousands of potential clients through PBW Client App and website. Create your business profile, showcasing photos, reviews, amenities, services, offers and much more.

Deals and Promotions

Have access to themes to showcase your deals, specials, seasonal offers, and promotions and made available to clients when they look for deals near their location. Increase your client base with this easy to use the feature.


Create and customize memberships levels for services, location access, customer loyalty discounts and more. You can also set up automatic billing and set different discounts and perks for each membership level.

Service Location

Set travel time and fees for appointments at customers’ location, allowing for custom travel surcharge depending on distances, fully customizable by you.

Client Search

Clients will find listed beauty and wellness providers near their current location. They can search by zip/ post code, service or availability. The search can be filtered by price, reviews, distance, and amenities.

Book Appointment

Once the client finds their service, they can book straight from PBW mobile app or website. They can also save locations as favorites, earn loyalty points, manage appointments, products and services right from their mobile device, saving you time and money with appointments and confirmations over the phone.

Appointment Reminders

In addition to being able to do the online scheduling on their own, the client receives a reminder of the time scheduled by SMS or email, avoiding no-shows. The scheduling is saved in the client profile, in which they can reschedule the service with a single click.

Client Reviews

Clients can review your business, sharing their experience so that other potential clients can find you, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Point of Sale

PBW makes it easy for you to control services and payments. You can checkout a customer straight from your appointment screen. We make it easy for you to add memberships, customer loyalty points, products, gift cards and service upgrades. You can checkout a customer from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone with PBW Pro website and App.


Say goodbye to long afternoons of calculating commission. Our system will automatically calculate commission, total sales, product sales and many other complete reports to facilitate your life.


Each day you will see how easier it will be to have control over what comes in what goes out. You can manage your register, check totals, see sales totals and control every aspect of your finances with PBW Pro mobile or web app.

Financial Control

The financial control of any establishment is fundamental for its success in any industry. You can have access to your profits without using any spreadsheets or expensive software. With PBW Pro, you will have complete details about most profitable services, staff time use, products, commissions, and everything you need to control your finances.

Email Templates

Step up your marketing with beautiful crafted themes. Create newsletter, discount and special offer emails in minutes.

Automated Emails

Create email lists and schedule automated emails for client birthday, custom offers, and increase customer retention by automating emails for customers that haven’t scheduled any services in the last 30, 60 or 90 days.

Custom Reminders

Customize your cancellation policy and add custom messages to confirmations, cancellations and appointment changes.

Deals and Promotions

Create automated deals and promotions for specific time periods, holidays and time of the year. You can plan ahead and create your campaigns to go out in specific days and avoid missing out the opportunity of increasing your sales.


Get placed on the Map. You will be marketed from email, text messages, social media, website and app to reach out thousands of potential customers.


Have access to hundreds of themes to showcase your deals, specials, seasonal offers and promotions. Deals will appear on your PBW website and client app. You can also post your deal to your social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Step up your marketing with beautiful crafted themes. Create newsletter, discount and special offer emails in minutes.

PBW Client

Have your business showcased to thousands of potential clients through PBW Client mobile and web app. Create your business profile, showcasing photos, reviews, amenities, services, offers and much more.

Get Featured

Put your business in top position to be viewed by potential customers on PBW Website and App. Try it for a month and watch the appointments roll in.

Social Media

Your clients can easily book right from your business Facebook page. Clients can view services, pricing, and business information synced from your PBW account.

Client Management

Get to know your customers and use the knowledge to make them loyal. Know who your most profitable customers are. Organize and find customer information quickly. Create more effective promotions based on this information.

Client Database

It is still common to find establishments that keep their customers’ information written down in notebooks and folders, accumulating paper and making it difficult to find and sort through. Thinking about how to make life easier for beauty and wellness experts, PBW pro offers a database of clients that is simple and efficient.

Easy to Use

Keep important information about your customers such as name, address, phone number, customer notes, such as favorite services and products, anniversary, birthday, etc. Add clients, delete duplicate data, export list in different formats and have complete control of your client database.

Client Loyalty

Understand your client needs, identify their preferences, tastes and use that information to create customer loyalty. With customer loyalty tools such as fully customizable reward points, you can customize a loyalty program that works for your business.

Staff Management

Have the profile of each professional available. No confusion at the time of paying commissions: determine percentage for each service and be reminded of what needs to be paid. Each professional can access his/her calendar through PBW Pro Website and App.

Employee Information

You can control all the information of each employee, be it a beauty or wellness professional or administrative assistant. Manage schedules and commission in an easy and organized way.


Each professional will have access to his or her own schedule and will not miss any scheduled hours, because the system can be accessed via smartphone from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you want, you can let the view of other professionals' calendars.

Access Levels

Create and modify access levels for different professionals, such as front desk management, marketing team, employees, booth renters, and customize access to reports, changing work hours, adding breaks and more. Have complete control of what each member of your team can do and have access to.

For all Sizes

PBW Pro is the ideal management tool, from individuals to organizations with multiple locations. As a hands-on, fully online platform, PBW Pro allows multiple users to access the system at the same time. Professionals can check their calendars while another user checks inventory count. All with the security that no information will be lost. The same system can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone who has permission, so no time is lost.


Strategically organized information about clients, finances, professionals, etc. Use reports to understand the points you need to improve in your business.

Detailed Reports

The Reports area offers key information, so you can analyze your business and understand which points are right and which need to be improved. Find reports on billing by customer, professional, service, period of time, customer retention and many more.


With the reports available, you can also get valuable information about your customers and use it to conduct marketing campaigns and actions to increase your sales and services. Have access to information such as birthdays of the month, contact list, and other tools to make your marketing easy and efficient.

PBW Advantage

It is not enough to have a system that does the math and register customers unless that information is interpreted and used in your favor. PBW Pro goes beyond beauty and wellness business management. With its tools, it will help you increase your sales and services, see your advantages and weaknesses, and show you the lists and charts to help you visualize and understand your business.