So many shades, so many tones, and just SO many choices. We understand too well how difficult it is to narrow it down to that one lipstick that is occasion appropriate, blends well with the outfit and doesn’t harm your lips. Too many things to consider starting from the brand of the lipstick all the way to durability, but don’t worry. We can figure this out together.


Deciding on a lipstick that goes well with a particular outfit is pretty easy when you decide based on the outfit’s color. First of all, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is YOUR style? Are you daring and willing to try undefined styles or do you think you should play it safe?

2. Do YOU like the way you look if you color coordinated your lipstick to match your outfit?

3. How much money are you willing to invest in your lipstick collection right now?


Answering these questions should give you a rough idea about the kind of lipstick you have in mind and it helps if you already have an outfit in mind, in case you are selecting by occasion.

Settling for shades of lipstick that wholly match your outfit is a bold decision given you are wearing anything other than pink, red or magenta to be fair. Given you are okay with this, rocking a bright blue shade of lipstick with your baby blue suit is super impressive as would be getting your lips painted a dark plum.

However, there are a few exceptions here. For instance, if you plan to be dressed in white, settle for something bold but contrasting- a rich shade of red or soft pink. This enriches the elegance of your white outfit while highlighting the beauty of your lips simultaneously.

lip color

Now say you wish to rock a bright berry colored outfit. To avoid a clash that is rather unappealing, settle for nude lip shades that flatter your lips suitably. On the other hand, if your outfit is multicolored, ignore your instincts to tone down the shade to something mild and liven up those lips the best you can. Because when it comes to multicolored outfits, your lips need to keep up with the vibrant shades of your dress and don’t worry- it will not clash.

Now, there are times when color coordinated is not necessarily a bold move, but rather a necessity. For instance, if you are looking for a lip color to go well with your red jumpsuit, finding a contrasting shade is quite a task. Meanwhile going with a shade of red that matches your outfit almost exactly will look perfect.

This brings us to the end of this part. In the next blog, let us look into selecting a lipstick based on your skin tone. Check out our extensive collection of lipsticks at super low prices here. Looking to get your party makeup done by a professional? Book an appointment online now and get your makeup done at home!

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