Your make-up routine is presumably far from complete if you have not updated your lipstick collection in a while, categorically and sincerely. Lip beauty extends far beyond lipsticks, but let’s start here. Many things considered, we have structured purchasing lipsticks down to detailed artform that leaves you with the right lipstick for every situation. In this blog, let us focus on choosing lipsticks situationally.

Choosing by Occasion

Hey, I am totally with you if you insist that everyone should wear bright red lipsticks all the time, everywhere and revel in the bold sexiness that it ensues. However, if we consider appropriateness as a factor, we shall need to invest in just more than one shade. Personally, I don’t see the downside in filling up my lip-kit at all.

Let us start with inevitable situations we are subjected to on a daily basis- your workplace, college or university. A coral or light brown shade would be ideal for workdays wherein you can go wild on casual Fridays and rock that deep purple. However, what you must keep in mind is to use a long-lasting product, preferably matte with touches of transparent gloss every now and then. Yes, we are thinking professional, subtle yet totally classy.

While we are at it, let’s discuss shades in accordance with your workplace outfits. Breaking this down a bit, we can settle for the following guidelines:

Say yes to contrast only if your whole outfit agrees.

In other words, if your suit is entirely pink with salmon peep-toes and rosy nail paint, brown lipstick might just look too odd. On the other hand, blending in an almost nude pink with a hint of peach would fit right into that sweet-spot where live the subtle yet distinguished.

 Choosing the Right Lipstick for You

Nudes with gloss are a YES, YES, YES!

Seriously, this is one workplace makeup hack that is not going out of style anytime soon.

Now, line up here party people. Whether it’s a lets-forget-the-week-and-get-wasted-weekend or a slumber party with the snapshot cam ready, your lipstick game needs to suitably be on point. Dressy is nowhere dressy enough without some bright and bold lip colour on. Here, colour doesn’t matter as long as your outfits and the lipstick complement each other effortlessly. You are with your girls and just want to unwind, so touching up should not be a prime worry- get long-lasting lipstick on, something creamy and glossy that doesn’t get washed away with the drinks!

First date? RED. Second date? RED. Date to a premier or gallery event where you need to up your sass? Still RED. Whenever you want to feel attractive, red lipstick is your one-stop solution and it is the one shade that is never, I emphasise never overrated.

In the next part of this blog, let us look into selecting lipsticks by other factors such as skin tone and weather. Looking for expert advice from seasoned makeup artists? Schedule an appointment now with top consultants-book now! Want to find the perfect lipstick for you right away at unbelievable prices? Browse through our products now!

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