Summer Is Coming (Part Two)



Now that spring is here and its roses and mild sunshine everywhere, it is safe to say that summer is just around the corner! While we enjoy the wonders that spring has to offer, it would be prudent to keep in mind a few things that will prepare us for the upcoming summer and keep us bright, happy and healthy during.

Before we get on to know what we should not eat and drink, we recommend that you take a look at the foods and drinks that you must consume during summer.

Now, hold on before you read ahead because we only think it would be fair to warn you that most of you are going to be disappointed upon finding out that some of the ultra-delicious summer foods that you are already craving are exactly what you should say a strict NO to.

Sugar-Free Ice Creams/Fro-yos

Yes, we know all you are trying to do is eat healthily and avoid those horrible, unwanted calories, but at what cost?

Have you ever wondered how sugar-free and fat-free desserts are just as delicious and creamy as the regular ones? There is this unspoken, general rule when it comes to the food world. Natural is always healthier than what is replacing it. We can safely say that what replaces sugar in the sugar-free ice creams and frozen yogurts have way more sinister effects than actual sugar does. Sorbitol and Xylitol are sugar substitutes that are commonly used and they tend to absorb water away from the colon. This results in diarrhea which leads to further complications such as dehydration. Like we need other reasons for diarrhea during summer, besides summer itself.

What we recommend instead is that you go help yourself to a small serving of gelato or a popsicle when the craving hits, or make your own delicious sugar free ice cream in a few simple steps (click HERE for the recipe).

Charred Meat (Including Fish and  Chicken)

What is summer, without getting that barbeque grill out and popping a few drinks while taking in the summer heat?

Animal proteins, when we cook these at high temperatures, get converted into toxins. The manner of cooking, studies show, is almost irrelevant. Whether you grill the meat, pan fry it or cook in on an open flame, if you char it, the meat gets converted to carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer-causing agents. Of course, the level of toxicity depends on other factors, such as the type of meat and the temperature. In other words, we can conclude that charred red meat is probably the most harmful of them all, given that red meat is unhealthy as such.

Now, before you conclude that you might as well just undercook the meat, we strongly recommend reading up on this lovely disease called Trichinosis.

Also, here is a guide to the recommended temperatures at which you can state that the meat has been properly cooked:

Fish: 145 degrees               Burgers: 160 degrees       Poultry: 165 degrees

Steak: 145 degrees            Pork: 160 degrees       

(Source: )

Snow Cones

You probably wanna bite our heads off for taking away all your summer treats, one by one, but do read this. The high fructose syrup that is poured all over the harmless ice chips is not just a complete overload of totally useless calories but it is one of THOSE foods that leave you hungrier than before. Talk about empty calories. Sure, snow cones are a delicious way to beat the heat- it is literally edible snow.

Okay, if the calories don’t really bother you, here is the next terrible thing about snow cones. The dyes used in the syrup you so heartily pour over the cones are far from harmless. More often than not, the dyes have been linked with all types of cancers and autoimmune diseases. So you see, they are really not worth those five minutes of chilled-outness.

Get yourself some yummy homemade popsicles instead! (See here for the recipe of the quickest, easiest and super yummy popsicles.)

Fruit Juices 

While there is nothing whatsoever wrong with blending a few oranges with ice and no sugar, it is much healthier to eat the fruit as such. Especially if you are not the one making the juice.

Here is our reasoning for this: Orange juice is bitter whereas fresh oranges are yummy. So naturally, we are going to end up adding either actual sugar or substitutes to this and hence messing up what could’ve been deliciously healthy. Store bought juices often come with tonnes of preservatives and added colors that you are so much better off avoiding.

Whip yourself a healthy bowl of fruit salad instead and maybe even top it with some dry fruits for a nutritious summer snack that will keep you filled and feeling cool.

Have a happy spring and safe summer with PBW.

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