Summer Is Coming (Part Three)

Summer is Coming- Part III

What You Should be Wearing this Summer

We have said it once, we have said it twice and now we say it again- summer is indeed coming! By now, we already have a fair idea on what to eat and what not to eat during summer. And if you have kept up with us, you also know just how hydrated you need to be this summer as well. Now let us decode your summer fashion. Don’t worry, we are not here to advertise any brands.

We know too well how exhausting the summer heat can be. Your choice of summer clothing plays a very significant role in deciding how your body copes with the weather. 

There are many layers (see what we did there) in the process involved in finalizing your wardrobe for the Sun. 

Let us present to you a PBW exclusive guide to help you with your shopping for the heat!

Before we get down to specifics, here are a few general guidelines you can follow when it comes to summer clothing:

1. Wear generally loose clothing during the summer so that heat does not get trapped within. Loose clothes made out of good and comfortable fabric also facilitate better blood circulation.

2. When deciding on which tees to buy or wear, always opt for the one with an open neck so that you don’t feel suffocated. Shorter sleeves or sleeveless t-shirts tend to be most comfortable to endure the heat.

3. There is an unaddressed attraction towards a comfortable pair of jeans during all weathers. They fit everywhere and everyone looks great in them. However, during the hotter days, it would be wise to trade off a thick pair of jeans for cotton pants, preferably purely cotton.

4. Say goodbye to tights during this summer. All it does it make your legs sweaty and suffocated.

Before you go shopping, it is probably a good idea to understand which material of clothing you should be purchasing to enhance your summer collection. Scratch that, it is mandatory to know this.

                                                    FABRICS TO BUY THIS SUMMER


Yes, whatever you have read about cotton is true, it is the best fabric for you to adorn this summer so that your skin can actually breathe. In many ways, cotton is more than perfect. It is available abundantly, and super affordable. Moreover, cotton clothes are always fashionable. 

Whether you wear a pair of cotton trousers or pair your cotton t-shirt with some adorable shorts, you are always making the right choice here. The only slight downside to cotton is that it tends to hold in the sweat. 

Which is to say, it absorbs the moisture and becomes rather heavy. Furthermore, pure cotton might not be for you if you generally are prone to sweating more than average because sweat stains under your arms and on your back can be expected. 

One more thing you need to know before you purchase 100% cotton clothing is that it tends to get really wrinkly so you might need to spend some time ironing these out. This problem can easily be solved if you buy clothes that are part cotton and part polyester.


Linen makes for smart formal shirts and the casual cowboy look but that is not where the best of this material ends. Shirts made from linen do tend to get slightly wrinkly, but that’s part of the charm if you are into that look. Because linen is woven rather loosely, it allows heat from the body to escape.

For people who tend to sweat a lot, linen tends to dry up quick despite absorbing additional moisture. Yes, this means no sweat patches but all the coolness. If you ask us, just stuff your wardrobe with enough cotton and linen, and you are all ready to face the upcoming hot weather.


These materials are woven very finely using very thin fibers which place them among the top options for clothing during summer. They are very similar in nature, rayon just being a more affordable option in comparison. Light flowery dresses made from rayon or silk allow no heat whatsoever to be trapped. They also do not stick to the body.

Wear light, loose and bright colored clothing and flaunt your happy summer look soon!

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