Summer Is Coming! (Are You Ready?)


There is a lot more to summer wellness than just sunscreen and hydration. We love summer, we love the heat and we love that natural brown that we get from a siesta on a beautiful beach. With cocktails, bikinis and the summer breeze, this season lets you unwind and unleash the party person in you. However, amidst all this bright summer glory, there is increased worry about one’s wellbeing.

Issues such as dehydration, sunburns, etc are alarmingly common, not to mention unhealthy cravings such as the need to devour ice creams and sodas. Besides this, there is the added pressure of needing to maintain the perfect beach body.

But don’t fret about that, because we are here to help you get through this summer feeling healthy and with the perfect glow.

For easy interpretation, let us categorize our summer concerns as follows and cover these across a series of blogs that cover:


In this blog, let us discuss what we should eat and drink during the summer to keep ourselves healthy and happy.


Say yes to every glass of water you are offered- your body is going to need it this summer to beat the heat such that you stay comfortable. While you are at it, take a look at our blog where we calculate the optimal amount of water one should drink.

Staying hydrated is a comprehensive process that involves more than just drinking water. Consuming water-rich fruits such as watermelons, tomatoes, muskmelons, grapes, citrus fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, greens is mandatory during summer. Bright and colorful fruits such as strawberries, blueberries along with the fore-mentioned will play a vital role in improving the quality of one’s skin by contributing to the moisture and texture.

Seafood and vegetables, cooked without using much oil or spices are a must-eat during summers. They keep you filled without feeling heavy or bloated and help you maintain your summer body as well.

Replace the oil that you use for cooking with olive oil. For best results on the skin, hair and your overall health, consume about one tablespoon of olive oil every day during summer. Olive oil is composed of fatty acids that can be considered healthy for us because they help the skin resist damage done to it by the harmful UV radiations from the Sun.

Skin damage by UV rays can lead to diseases much more sinister than sunburns, such as melanoma (skin cancer). When the integrity of the cell membranes is maintained, the moisture within your cells is held within, thus preventing dehydration.

Start your day with healthy, nutritious smoothies. Do not add much milk or sugar to this smoothie. If you can blend together a smoothie rich in fruit, fruit juice, dry fruits, and some low-fat yogurt or milk, you can create a delicious breakfast in no time at all. Add some ice, and keep it in the refrigerator and you replace your snacks or even brunch with this blend.

Avoid ice creams and fatty fruit yogurts. Instead, make your own fruit-based low-calorie ice creams to wade away the excessive summer heat. To create your own fruit ice cream that we promise is every bit as delicious as the high-calorie store bought tubs, follow this recipe:


Fresh sliced bananas: 3

Sugar (not more than two tablespoons)

Chocolate Syrup (for taste, if needed. You can also try cashews or cinnamon powder instead for dressing.)


Freeze the bananas after peeling and slicing them, overnight. Do not add ice.

The next day morning, blend the bananas in a mixer along with some sugar, if needed. Your smooth and creamy banana ice cream is ready. Add some powdered cinnamon or chocolate syrup to garnish and dive in for a super delicious and super healthy summer snack.

For making delectable, effortless popsicles, just freeze some fruit juice in the ice tray, along with toothpicks. Take these out when frozen and enjoy some yummy lemon, watermelon or even apple flavored popsicles.

 For consulting with top beauty and wellness experts in your area to get you summer ready, click here

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David Jones


You attempted to address how much water a person should drink (the right amount is 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day), but you did not address the critical point about hydration - the quality of water a person drinks. The amount doesn't matter much if a person is drinking a poor quality of water, because their body will be "spitting out" the water, making them go to the bathroom a number of times. Compare the PiMag water from Nikken to any other water out there and you'll be blown away!