Six Secrets to Perfect Nails



Immaculate nails go way beyond well-painted nails and the associated glamour it ensues. This might take you by surprise, but the quality of your bare nails speaks rather loudly about the state of your health and general being. In fact, a single glance at your nails and your physician can gauge a wide range of information right from your nutritional state to whether you have cancer.

Your Nails Are Way More  Important Than You Think.

Keeping your nails neat and clean is highly important because they are a powerhouse of information regarding your health status. Here are some fascinating things you can figure out by looking at someone’s nails:

Discoloration of nails: A bluish tinge on your nails is an indicator of lack of oxygen in the body and is a phenomenon named cyanosis. Detected early, this could save a life. Yellowish nails, on the other hand, can be indicative of your lifestyle- i.e. a history of chronic smoking results in yellowish nails.

pink nails

Cracked nails: Cracks in nails can be indicative of disease of the thyroid glands.

Abnormal Shape of the Nails: In a phenomenon known as clubbing that occurs when there is severe heart or lung disease, the nails are twisted and bent in a strange manner that your nail salon specialist will be immediate to point out.

Given the amount of information that can be gathered by just taking a look at your nails, doesn’t it seem prudent to actually care for your nails and keep them groomed at all times? Well, it really does.

 Caring for Your Nails.

manicure close-up

Proper nail care is a simple and straightforward process that must be seen through with a high level of dedication that involves:

  • Knowing Your Nails: Be aware of the state of your nails. Watch out for any change in shape, color, the appearance of spots, etc. Any bleeding, nails detached from skin, swelling, etc must be taken seriously and medical attention needs to be called for.

  • Nail Hygiene: Ensure that your nails are trimmed only using proper trimming scissors. Do NOT bite your nails whatsoever.

  • Visit nail salons that sterilize the equipment that they use on your nails so as to prevent communicable diseases.

nail polish

  • Maintain your nails in such a way that they are dry at all times. This will prevent various fungal infections from occurring.

  • Fancy, well-done nails are beautiful but don’t be pressured to always keep them long and colorful. Alternate between short & clean and long & fabulous each month so as to keep yourself healthy.

  • Your nail point is going to chip off eventually and when it does, do NOT contribute by scratching it off further.

Abiding by these rather basic nail care ideas should give you the perfect looking nails that you desire without compromising on being healthy as well.

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