Six Fantastic Vegan (and Cruelty-Free) Makeup Products Worth the Money

Makeup Products

Vegan makeup is on the rise. There was a time when being a vegan meant making your own beauty products. But today, even large global brands like Marc Jacobs and Clinique are producing amazing vegan products.

What is Vegan Makeup?

There are several types of beauty products on the market that you may think of when you see the word vegan. But they are not interchangeable.

Cruelty-free means the makeup hasn’t been tested on animals.

Just a heads up: The term “organic” is not clearly defined in cosmetics. While the USDA gives us a pretty good idea of what it means to grow and eat organic foods, a cosmetics brand only needs to have water or another carbon-containing ingredient in the product to qualify as “organic” or “natural”.

The good news is, “vegan” is not that arbitrary. According to Vegan Trade Journal, the term “vegan” means the makeup was produced without the use of any animal products whatsoever.

Top Picks for Six Great Vegan Makeup Products

So here are our picks for six great brands that have vegan makeup. There are dozens and dozens of brands that produce vegan makeup products. But, these six are pretty stellar (and super-popular on social media).

Vegan Makeup Products
Urban Decay

Urban Decay has a wide selection of cosmetics that are rich in texture and color. The brand also offers a pretty hefty collection of products that are 100 percent vegan, containing no animal products. These include foundations, powders, lipsticks, and even makeup brushes. And their list is growing. The company is always in the process of creating new plant-based products, as well as converting traditional animal-based products into vegan products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hill

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a list of 19 products in their Vegan Favorites category. The popular luxury makeup brand is a social media staple and includes both vegan products and Cruelty-Free products in its catalog. 



bareMinerals offers more than four dozen vegan makeup and skin care products, including high-end synthetic makeup brushes that you can use as an alternative to their goat and pony-haired brushes. The company operates as a cruelty-free establishment. It doesn’t participate in animal testing nor does it use manufacturers who condone animal testing.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty is on its way to being 100 percent vegan. The edgy, metalhead-inspired line from the iconic tattoo artistry of Kat Von D will soon be completely vegan and completely cruelty-free. In the meantime, vegans can browse the #VeganAlert section of to choose from among the growing list of the brand’s vegan makeup. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics

One of a growing list of cosmetics companies whose entire line of products is 100 percent vegan, e.l.f. produces more than 150 affordably-priced cruelty-free vegan cosmetic products. This is vegan makeup for everyone. 



Spectrum’s fantastic collection of high-end makeup brushes makes a powerful statement about the connection between living ethically and beautifully. Every product in their line is made without the use of animal products. The Spectrum Collection is a UK-based “PETA registered and Vegan trademarked cruelty-free brand”

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