Should You Start a YouTube Channel?

Starting a YouTube channel in 2018 is a great way to build your brand and grow your following IF you are willing and able to put in the immense amounts of work required to develop and market your YouTube channel.

The Three Things to Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel

It’s Really About Building a Brand

More than anything, building a popular YouTube channel is about creating a brand that is engaging, exciting, and useful to people. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just as TV cop shows offer different little twists on the dangerously exciting work of serving and protecting, you too need a way to distinguish yourself from the millions of other beauty videos on the platform. That means building a brand that extends beyond YouTube.

It’s About Consistently Creating Great Content

In 2016, there were 5.3 million beauty videos on the platform that generated 55 billion views. The most successful vloggers - the ones with the most staying power - create fresh, new video content at least a few times a month.

It’s About Social Media Marketing

Vloggers create as much content for social media as they do for Youtube, and typically they create more frequently for social. That often means having a content plan intact. A content plan is a map that tells you what content you will create and when. The more content you create, the more you will need to rely on a content plan to keep things interesting, organized, and novel.

7 Beauty Vloggers Who Have Mastered YouTube

We know that success leaves footprints. So, here is a quick hit list of beauty vloggers who have mastered YouTube as a brand-growing platform.

#1 Michelle Phan - The Veteran

Let’s start with an icon who, after 10 years as a beauty vlogger, pretty much earned the status of the pioneer. Michelle Phan actually retired from YouTube vlogging to go out and explore the world with the earnings she made from the brand she built on YouTube (her beauty sampling company Ipsy is, by itself, reported to be worth $500 million), but she’s still legendary. And even her goodbye video generated more than  11 million views.

Beauty Video

#2 IAMTREAH - Family Affair

Natural hair wizard and bubbly YouTube influencer IAMTREAH (plus her hubby and their adorable kids) have taken her viewers through the ups and downs of black hair care, from bad perms to alopecia, to coloring and growing her hair. Her channel has racked up a total of 311K subscribers and more than 24.4 million views since January 2014.  IAMTREAH publishes content to YouTube multiple times a week

Beauty Video

#3 Princess Bellaaa - NYC Beauty Blogger

New York beauty blogger Karla Tobie runs the Princess Bellaaa channel. The core of her content is how-to videos, including both makeup tutorials for women of color, product reviews, and day-in-the-life content. Princess Bellaaa has 158K subscribers and more than 6.4 million views.

Beauty Video

#4 Jen Luvs Reviews - The Girl Next Door

Girl next door beauty blogger Jen Luvs Reviews specializes in product reviews for, dare we say, regular people. The average woman doesn’t get free products to review from makeup companies and she isn’t interested in shelling out $100 for foundation or $40 for a tube of lipstick. Jen Luvs Reviews is for the average woman who wants to know how well products work for a professional daytime look (sans the matte blue lipstick) and a non-Instagrammy nighttime look.

Beauty Video

Okay, so this list gives you a pretty good idea of the different types of vloggers and how they differentiate themselves in a market that’s becoming increasingly crowded… while also becoming increasingly interesting and super-useful. If you do choose to start a YouTube channel, you have your work cut out for you.

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