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Any beauty or wellness service provider knows just too well how exhausting managing the various aspects of the business can be. From keeping track of client appointments to dealing with payment defaulters, there is nothing remotely easy when it comes to doing what you do.

This is exactly why you need to check out our innovative and completely free to use salon and spa booking app that is designed to facilitate your fitness and wellness businesses and widen your popularity immensely. The PBW Pro is a booking software, scheduling tool, spa and salon management app and so much more. Ensuring the comfort of your clients and expanding your reach to thousands of potential clients has never been easier.

The PBW Pro appointment app caters to those providing various beauty and wellness services including barber shops, beauty salons, yoga centres, fitness centres, nail salons, spa centres, and other related professionals.


By listing your services with us, you stand to gain the following-

  • BE DISCOVERED BY THOUSANDS OF POTENTIAL CLIENTS: By using our app, potential customers looking for beauty, fitness and wellness services that you provide shall spot you easily thus bringing in a lot more business.

  • GEOGRAPHY IS A RESTRICTION NO MORE: Remote locations have always been an obstacle for businesses that require clients coming in. By listing with us, you can now commute to your clients’ homes, offices or any location picked by them, the travel expenditure of which is charged to your clients.

  • CREATE AND MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE: PBW is a top salon software that provides you with the tools you need to set up your dream business website for no cost at all. This website is an effective marketing strategy that lets potential customers know which services they can avail from you and the consultants who shall be carrying them out.

  • SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE: Using the website you create, you can list your exclusive salon, spa and fitness products online which exponentially improves the chances that your customers and others buy them. This, when combined with the promotions and deals you can offer definitely catches the eye of many interested customers.

  • ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS’ INFORMATION IN ONE PLACE: Everything you need to know about your customers including relevant personal details, history of any previous or ongoing health problems, payment records, upcoming and past appointments can be accessed easily thanks to the well-organised system the app follows. This also lets you create targeted offers that you know certain customers will be interested in.

  • MANAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES AND FINANCES EFFICIENTLY: Keep a track of all that you need to know about your spa or salon employees and their performances thereby improving your overall business efficiency.

By using our completely free and user-friendly beauty software, customers find it extremely easy to reach out to you and utilize your services. Check our website out for a complete list of all our features and download the app right away to get started.

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