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Be it lustrous long braids, bouncy curls or a smooth pixie that defines your look, every well- maintained hairstyle is the combined effort of a strict hair care regimen and the right hair products. While brands matter, what these products are composed of matters a lot more.

However wonderful these hair products seem to pamper and enhance our hair, there is no denying the side effects that leave us crying over split ends. Let us explore the various hair products that have been in the market and understand how to use them wisely to avoid undue hair damage.

Hair Serum

Hair Serum

HOW IT WORKS: Hair serum moisturises the hair but does not affect the basic structure of the hair. When applied to seemingly dull and lifeless hair, the transformation to shiny and smooth hair is immediate and impeccable. The hair serum merely coats the surface of the hair and makes it reflective (read shiny). The lubrication present in the serum helps with frizzy ends causing the hair to appear supple and smooth.

PROS: Beautiful hair, free of split ends and frizz. Positively shining hair that adds to a glamorous appearance.

CONS: Excessive dryness of hair is experienced by quite a few people.

Hair Gel

Hair Gel

HOW IT WORKS: Hair gel sticks to your hair and once your desired style is set, the style remains in position for quite a long time. It works by holding and maintaining the desired position of your hair whilst providing it with a glossy and attractive appearance.

PROS: Sleek and smooth hair that stays in place and does not require much fussing about.

CONS: The sheer presence of harmful chemicals results in temporary hair damage causing dryness of the scalp resulting in dandruff, brittle and frizzy hair along with dryness of the hair.

Hair Spray
Hair Spray

HOW IT WORKS: Composed of two types of polymers along with hydrocarbons or alcohol and when sprayed forms an invisible coat on the hair gluing it in place. Used more commonly in hair salons than at home, hair sprays stiffen the hair and keep it in place.

PROS: For a long enough time, your hair actually stays in place and appears to do so rather naturally.

CONS: Leaves the hair feeling rough and causes breakage and excessive hair fall if and when applied in regular use.

Hair Mousse

HOW IT WORKS: Hair mousse encloses hair with a network of polymers, therefore, increasing the volume of the hair, thickens thin hair giving it a fuller appearance.

PROS: Thicker hair full of life and volume, hair appears healthy.

CONS: Very few cons, the worst-case scenario being brittle and broken hair in case hair isn’t properly shampooed or taken care of otherwise.

Dry Shampoo

HOW IT WORKS: Excess oil present in the scalp is absorbed by the starch compounds or alcohol present in the dry shampoo which is sprayed on to the hair. However, it does not remove dirt from the hair and is not meant to substitute regular shampoos.

PROS: Quick and easy solution to achieve hair that is not oily and does not look unwashed.

CONS: Drying of the scalp can lead to irritation and worsen existing hair damage.

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