How to lead a healthy life in 2018?

healthy life

With the booming technology in today’s world, we have left with very less time for ourselves. Our body needs to stay healthy and strong to be able to cope with changing living trends and food habits. In today’s age, we are glued to our gadgets and these practices have made our everyday life easy. But such easy lifestyle has led to a lot of physical and mental conditions that eventually deteriorates our lives.

1. Stay physically active

Our bodies need to be physically active to stay strong and healthy. They help to relax the body muscles and build muscles. This helps in building our stamina which in turn gives us the energy to work long hours. By doing physical activities we also make our body tired which helps sleep better at night. Physical activities need not be always exercises; it can vary from dance, workouts and martial arts to trekking, sports, jogging etc.

2. Eat Healthy

With our busy schedule, we have moved to eat food which we can cook faster and these food items come with preservatives which are not healthy for us. To keep ourselves healthy we need to make sure that we eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis because it gives us vitamins, mineral, and irons that is required for a body to stay fit and healthy.

3. Meditate

Meditation is one such activity that can be done anywhere and at any time. They do not require large spaces or heavy equipment. Mediation helps to relax our body and mind. Mediation also helps reduce stress.

4. Safe living habits

Follow a strict routine that will keep you fit and disciplined. Sleep for at least 6 hours every day to give your body rest after a tiresome day. Avoid negative thoughts that affect both your physical and mental health.

A healthy lifestyle will promise you better physical and mental health. They work in tangent to keep our body and mind healthy and strong. They will also help improve the lifespan and reduce stress.

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David Jones


You attempted to address how much water a person should drink (the right amount is 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day), but you did not address the critical point about hydration - the quality of water a person drinks. The amount doesn't matter much if a person is drinking a poor quality of water, because their body will be "spitting out" the water, making them go to the bathroom a number of times. Compare the PiMag water from Nikken to any other water out there and you'll be blown away!