How to Find the RIGHT Wedding Makeup Artist

Wedding Makeup Artist

When you are planning for your wedding day, you have your hands full. Even with a wedding planner, you still have the responsibility of okaying everything from the venue and your best friend’s shoes, to the non-dairy coffee creamer and the band’s playlist. It can be an overwhelming task. The chances are pretty good that you took your time picking just the right dress. And you expect your hair, nails, jewelry, and your makeup to be as beautiful as your dress. That may mean finding the right wedding makeup artist who can make sure you look your absolute best on your wedding day.

When to Hire a Wedding Makeup Artist

Every bride-to-be deserves the pampering and confidence that comes along with receiving professional beauty services. But not every bride-to-be is going to hire a bridal makeup artist for her wedding. That’s just the truth. So, we want to help you figure out when you should absolutely invest in one.

The best time to hire a professional makeup artist is if you are not 100 percent sure you or someone close to you can give you the exact look you want for your wedding day.

If you happen to be someone who regularly does her own makeup, you may feel pretty comfortable creating a look for your wedding day. If, however, you don’t wear makeup often, or if you only wear certain things like the gloss, a little liner, or concealer, you probably need the help of a professional MUA.

Tips for Finding the Best Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Big Day

Know What You Want

In the months before your wedding, you will probably spend a lot of time building a lookbook of some kind, whether that’s taking screenshots on your phone of looks you like, or building a Pinterest board for your wedding. The goal is always to get a clear idea of exactly how you want to look for your wedding.

Knowing what you want ahead of time is crucial to streamlining the process of choosing the right makeup artist. Different MUAs specialize in creating different looks. While most makeup artists will be trained in how to create a variety of different looks, you really want to go with someone who has actual experience in that area. You don’t want your makeup artist experimenting with new techniques on your wedding day. So, do your homework, and figure out what you want ahead of time.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Before you take your search to the web, ask your circle of friends and family if they can recommend a great bridal makeup artist. Someone you know probably knows a makeup artist or knows someone who has access to a great one.

Set Your Budget

Before setting your budget, you need to find out the going rate for bringing in a makeup artist to service your bridal party. If you set your budget before you know the going rate for services where you live, you can easily under-budget this part of your wedding and end up hiring an MUA based more on price than performance. That’s too big a risk to take for your wedding day.

Meet Your Top 3 Picks Face-to-Face

After narrow down your search by checking online reviews and flipping through the lookbooks of your candidates, schedule a face-to-face meeting for your final three candidates. Your makeup artist is going to become an important part of your wedding day. So, it’s best to choose someone who is both technically strong and whose behaviors are top-notch. It’s going to drive you crazy to hire an MUA who is talented, creative, and spot-on with your look, but who is an hour late to the wedding because he or she has a habit of being late. Meeting face-to-face to sort of suss each other out before you make a decision will help you choose someone with whom you don’t mind spending your big day.

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Do a Trial Run of Your Look

To ensure you and your wedding makeup artist are on the same page, consider paying for her to create the look a few days or weeks before your wedding. That way, you have proof that can get what you want, and if things don’t work out, you have time to find another makeup artist. Of course, you will have to pay a little more for this, but the security of knowing you’ll get what you want is worth it.

Sign a Contract

Professional makeup artists will expect you to sign a service contract and pay a deposit to secure their services. Do it. A service contract is standard in the industry and it ensures your event actually goes on your MUA’s calendar.

Choosing the right wedding makeup artist is an important part of your wedding day. Consider your MUA your ally. He or she is a member of your core team of people who will make sure you look flawless on your wedding day. That’s a big responsibility. So, choose carefully.

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