How to deal with negative online reviews

From the moment your business is online, it is subject to criticism, whether they are positive or negative.

In the case of positive reviews, respond appreciating your client taking the time to leave feedback and sharing the experience with others. But when it comes to a dissatisfied customer who decides to comment on social networks, what should you do?

In this post, we will give you some suggestions on how to appropriately respond and what you must consider when dealing with negative feedback.

Tip: To avoid negative reviews, talk to your customer and ask for their feedback before they leave your salon or spa. Odds are, if they are unhappy with the service, they will let you know. That way, you can prevent the client from going online and leaving a negative review. Make yourself available to customer's criticism and try to remedy things before they go online.

"My  client left me 1 star on Yelp - Now what?"

First of all, don't take it personally. You can't make every single customer happy. Try to see things in your client's perspective and what the purpose of the review is. Is your client looking for an explanation? Unhappy with the service? Outraged about their experience?

Regardless of the kind of negative criticism you come across, you should always respond and as soon as possible, to prevent the situation from escalating into a crisis. Before you respond online, try to reach out to your client through the phone or e-mail to try to remedy things. Sometimes, a simple phone call can help you understand why your client is upset and invite them back (at no charge) to fix things. It doesn't always work, but it is a great way to gain back your customer and even remove the negative review instead of trying to argue online.

Some  suggestions on how to answer:


Say  "I'm sorry." You may even disagree with the customer's approach. But you must position yourself comprehensively with criticism.

Don't  make excuses: The first reaction is always to seek a justification that removes any direct blame. Your client is probably not looking for an explanation; he is looking for understanding. Show that you care about your client's feedback.

Focus  on the strengths of your company: One bad experience doesn't define your business. Criticism, as a rule, is limited to a specific event. Emphasize the positive aspects of your spa or salon as a way of attesting that the negative review was an isolated event.

Solve  the problem: Even if it costs, it will cost more to lose customers and get a bad image. Make an offer, invite the customer to re-try your product/service, and change his mind to prove that your business deserves a second chance.


The important thing is to respond. Don't leave a frustrated customer without a response. By not replying, prospect clients that see your reviews might not want to give you a try. Make sure people can see that you tried your best to remedy the situation.

Monitor  reviews

It is crucial to get notified when reviews - positive or negative - show up online. Turn on notifications from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and any other websites you use where people can provide feedback. Fast responses are critical and show potential clients that you care about their feedback.

Don't  get desperate

Sometimes people can leave feedbacks that are distorted or don't reflect the reality of the events. Even when facing an unreasonable complaint, don't respond in anger or despair. Analyze the criticized points and compare with the reality of your business. Your comment should be helpful, understanding and presenting solutions.


Analyzing a criticism calmly and professionally can be an opportunity for your business. Prospect clients can see how your response presented reasonable options and clarified the situation and feel more confident about your services and reputation.

Manage your online reputation carefully and focus on customer satisfaction. Keep your integrity and transparency and try to do your best to provide a pleasant customer experience. Negative reviews are often the result of a stressful day, unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings. Just remember: your client wants to be heard and understood. Respond to reviews as soon as possible, whether they are negative or positive. Your reviews are an essential part of your business and can either attract many new customers to your business or turn many potential customers away.

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