How can wording a phrase differently help with customer satisfaction?

CustomerRelationship Do's and Dont's 

You deal with customers every day. Some customers are easy-going, while others area bit more difficult. Finding out what your customer thinks and what their needs are is part of your marketing strategy to maintain happy returning clients. You can improve client relationship with simple tricks and wording things differently to appease even the most peculiar of clients.


Don't: Do you want to pay $30 for an extra 15 minutes of massage?

Do: Do you have enough time for a 60-minute massage today?

Knowing how to word your service upgrades correctly is a fundamental part of convincing your client. Instead of asking your client to pay an extra amount, ask if the client has enough time. That way you can offer the service without coming across as a pushy and avoid embarrassing situations. You can explain the benefits of the different service or upgrade and tell your customer the price. Avoid getting your client stressed before the service starts by choosing the right words to use when offering a service upgrade.


Don't: Here's what you need to buy.

Do: These are the products I used for your treatment today. Do you have any questions for me?

Is your customer's skin glowing? Are they happy with their service? Show the client which products you used to get their skin smooth and firm. That way, you can promote the products you offer at your spa or salon without sounding like an infomercial salesperson. This method also shows that you care enough to take the time to explain the service and establishes trust with your client.


Don't: "Ok, that will be $100".

Do: "Here's what we worked on today."

Explain your customer the importance of the service and its benefits. Tell your customer how is each step helping them with their goal, whether that goal is to get carpet-ready nails, get rid of back pain, or achieve an acne-free skin. With this method, you will deliver a complete experience and help your customer understand and justify the price you charge for your services.



Don't: "Can you tell your friends to book an appointment with me?"

Do: "Was everything according to your expectation? If you could share your experience with your friends, I will give you a discount on your next visit".

Your best marketing outlet is your customer. Word of mouth is powerful, and a friends recommendation is much more credible and effective than an advertisement. Establish a discount policy based on referrals to create an incentive for your clients to market your business for you.A loyalty program can increase client retention and help you get new clients.


Don't:"Oh, my, your eyebrows are way overdue!"

Do:"Your eyebrows look amazing now!"

Everyone likes compliments. You're a beauty expert, and your opinion should be sincere and natural. Instead of making your client feel guilty for waiting so long to see you, compliment your final work by pointing out its highlights. If you make this a habit, it will sound natural and make your client feel great about the service.

Other tips:

The wording is not everything. Here are some more tips that you can use in your daily routine with clients:

* Be respectful and polite.

* Establish a relationship by talking to your clients and getting to know them better.

* Don't limit your customer interaction to your services. Send your customers hand-written "thank you" notes and use social media to communicate with your clients.

Excellent customer service -> Loyal and returning customers - New clients and referrals - More Sales

Lousy customer service -> Irritated one-time customers - Bad reviews - Lose money

Improving your customer service can directly correlate with new customers. With techniques that go from simple wording to more elaborate hand-written notes and routine service behavior, you can have a healthy relationship with the vast majority of your clients. If your customers are happy, they are much more likely to tell their friends about your services.

Did you enjoy these tips? Tell us what else you do to have a good relationship with your clients.

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