DIY Home Pedicures to Turn Winter Feet into Summer Tootsies


We know the drill. Every year, the cold weather descends, and you cover up from head to toe. A few months later, when the days start to get just a little longer, and the spring clothes show up at your favorite boutique, you realize you have to do something about your feet.

Cold, dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin, and your feet are no exception. By the time spring rolls around, your poor feet are in desperate need of TLC. We’ve got you covered. Here is a 4-step, fool-proof method for getting your feet ready for summer.

1. Exfoliate

The most important part of softening your feet is getting rid of dead, dry skin that accumulates over the winter. An easy way to do that is to soak your feet in vinegar then scrub them with a pumice stone.

Vinegar it’s like a little acid cocktail. It’s high in acetic, malic, lactic, and citric acids, all of which are great for dissolving dead skin cells. Soaking your feet in vinegar 2 to 4 hours is a surefire way to soften your feet.

Understandably, you may not have 4 hours to sit around with your feet in a vinegar bath. In that case, Youtuber Kyrah Dear recommends wearing vinegar-soaked socks.


Source: How to Soften Rough, Dry Feet FAST by Kyrah Dear

Find a couple of socks you don’t use anymore and soak them (and we do mean SOAK them) in vinegar before putting them on. Next, tie a plastic grocery bag around each foot, and slide on a pair of dry socks over the bags. This way, you can do what you need to do around the house and still do the vinegar soak.

Once you finish soaking, wash your feet with soap and warm water, and go to the next step in the exfoliation process, which is scrubbing away dead skin cells. You can do this with a pumice stone or a foot file.

2. Moisturize

Use your favorite oil to moisturize your feet. Go for lightweight oils such as coconut oil, jojoba, or avocado oil. These oils are high in skin-nurturing nutrients that won’t just sit on top of your skin like petroleum jelly.

3. Address Thick or Cracked Nails

Soft feet are great, but summer feet are pretty feet. So, you want to give time and attention to the state of your nails. Nails are a pretty good indicator of overall health. In fact, if you have budding health issues like heart problems, anemia, or something going on with your liver, your nail beds may be the first indication that you need to see your doctor.

If your nails are just ratty from rubbing against snow boots all season, it’s fast and easy to pretty-them-up.

Use a soft four-sided nail file or nail buffer to smooth uneven nail edges. For nails the have small cracks (no splits) or nails that seem little thicker, use the coarse side of the buffer to rub firmly and quickly across the surface of thick nail beds until the nail(s) is about the same thickness as your other nails. Once you are done filing your nails, use the smooth side of your buffer to shine the nails.

4. Protect Your Feet

Wear moisturizing socks, gel socks, spa socks, or softening socks overnight and whenever you’re just lounging around the house to keep your feet from getting dry. You can find socks that you use in conjunction with your own moisturizer, or you may prefer socks with moisturizers already built in.  NatraCure 5-Toe Moisturizing Gel Socks, Bodipure Keratin Socks, and Codream Vented Moisturizing Gel Socks are good socks that have stellar reviews on Amazon.

Welcome to sandal season!

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