BEAUTY & WELLNESS INDUSTRY TO SAVE $3 BILLION IN 2019


Every business that can be described as successful these days has something in common: a strong online presence. This presence is a cumulative effort of skillful website design, development, and strategic digital marketing. This success, however, comes at a rather huge cost- literally. As we discussed in an earlier post, the expenses that go into building a website takes a toll on most small to medium scale businesses (nearly $55,000). Unfortunately, for online businesses, design and development of websites are just scratching the surface.  Ultimately, it is all about marketing and getting potential customers to view your products and/or services.

Plenty of business owners are virtually stuck once they have a complete, live site in hand. The website is ready and the products/services are ready to be sold- but where are the customers?

The past decade has experienced steady and tremendous growth in the beauty and wellness industry. This growth is a result of various factors including the increasing demand for wellness treatments across the world, the integration of technology within the industry and the increasing ease of access to related services and products across the world.

According to reports by Statista; the beauty and cosmetics industry valued at a whopping $84 billion dollars in 2016, just in the USA. This report further states that the expected growth of the cosmetics industry globally is heading closer to $400 billion by next year. The skincare industry in 2018 generated $11  billion dollars in the United States.

From a beauty/wellness business owner’s perspective, this growth is both a boon and a bane. The competition that is prevalent in the industry is extremely high and poses tough challenges to small and medium scale business owners.

To understand just how tough the competition out there is, the estimated number of employees in the industry is as follows, according to data collected from the Bureau of Labour Statistics:

Hair salons, barbershops and beauty salons shall have over 700,000 employees in five years. The number of those increased in the skincare specialty is expected to rise to 70,000 whereas the massage industry shall have employed about 300,000 people by 2024! 

By analyzing this growth, we learn two things:

  • The industry is indeed blooming, and businesses are way more likely to flourish in the industry now as compared to the previous decades. In other words, there has never been a better time to realize your business dreams in the beauty and wellness industry.
  • The competition out there is tremendously high. New businesses, online and offline, are opening up worldwide on a daily basis and the struggle to make a mark and succeed is all too real.

So, how does one push through and make their way to the top? The key is in successful digital marketing, and the core of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimisation.

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Understanding SEO

Whether you wish to book tickets for a holiday or discover a shopping site, it is almost 100% likely that your first stop will be a search engine, like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. No matter what the query is, these search engine sites seem to know the solutions for everything.

So, to say, once your website has been recognized by these search engines and start showing up on the first few results, the traffic is definitely likely to increase. SEO is all about making sure that your website ranks on top of the search engine results and catching the eye of potential customers across the world. 

Without proper SEO techniques, it is almost impossible for new, small/medium scale businesses to stand out online and gain customers. It is a proven fact that search engine results have the power to take a business towards unimaginable heights.

Advantages of SEO

  • SEO, when done right guarantees that the traffic on your website will show a definite rise. This includes your target population, which will simultaneously increase, thereby bringing you more revenue. A site that has more traffic subsequently grows and ranks better on the search engine results, thus making basic SEO the prime aspect of building an online brand.
  • Your business credibility increases tremendously. People across the world hold Google as a gold standard for resources and recommendations. Once Google pushes your website to the top, potential customers/visitors tend to naturally trust your brand for its quality and value, i.e. if Google trusts you, your customers naturally will.
  • Compared to other advertising methods, SEO has shown a 100% increased Return on Investment. The conversion rate of visitors to customers who visit your website that is shown to them as a genuine search result as opposed to an advertisement subconsciously instills trust in them and they are so much more likely to spend money on what you offer.
  • Almost 60% of the traffic is guaranteed to the first result that pops up. If you are successful in marking your spot on the very top of the search results, well that’s probably the only marketing strategy you will ever need, especially if you are an online business.
  • An important reason to value search engine optimization for the beauty and wellness industry is a simple fact that all your successful competitors are doing it. You could Google keywords relevant to your business now and rest assured that the competitors showing up on the first page have all implemented SEO techniques and done so meticulously.

So, what's the catch?

Much like building your own website from scratch, marketing it is very costly. Business owners generally have minimal to no idea whatsoever about SEO and are required to hire freelancers or consultants to help them with it. While this has its advantages, the charges demanded by them for marketing is simply too much for most small to medium scale businesses.

In fact, the cost of doing basic SEO on a business website these days starts at a minimum of $2500 per month for successful results. And this needs to be implemented on a continuous basis to ensure that your website maintains its high ranking.
For a one-time complete website optimization, the prices can go up to $33,000 for the complete project, as of 2019. This, along with other expenses is not feasible for most businesses. Besides, a single time SEO plan does not produce results that are permanent. Successful SEO is a process that needs to be continued throughout so as to prevent competitors who are just days away from taking over your well-earned position.
Most SEO consultants charge their clients on an hourly basis ranging up to $200 per hour.

From the above information, we can settle on the following conclusions:

SEO is very necessary for the success of any business online to build a brand presence as well as connect with potential customers.
SEO is rather expensive and it is not possible for new and upcoming businesses to invest thousands of dollars in marketing. Even well-established businesses could do without spending all that money on marketing which could be best spent elsewhere to grow their business and expand it.
SEO is a time-consuming process that requires many hours of effort to show any good result.


The Solution

Using PBW’s free business website builder, you can develop a fully functional attractive website for your beauty and wellness business in no time and at no hidden cost whatsoever. Once you select a beautiful template that is ideal for your business, details such as your business hours, reviews, services, and products are displayed. Your customers can directly book services as well as purchase products from your website.

Moreover, using this free website, and our free SEO services, you can stop worrying about making your mark and watch your business grow. Our free SEO services ensure that you do not need to spend a lot of money or time working on this as it has already been done for you. Your free business website is all the marketing power tool that you will ever need to be recognized by search engines. With PBW Pro, your business will catch the eye of plenty of potential customers who are genuinely interested in the services that you provide and the products that you have to sell.

With PBW, 2019 is going to witness revolutionary changes in the beauty industry leading to billions of dollars being saved by those working in various areas of the industry. To know more, and get started, click here.

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