7 Offline Marketing Tips for your spa


Using preprintedpostcards, have your staff write their first name and last initial onall cards. Have them visit other retailers near your spa asking ifthey can put their cards (with coupons) on the retailer’scountertop. When the coupon (and client) bounces back to your spa,the staff member who did the distribution gets the appointment.


For technicians thatoffer multiple services, have them write a card to customers: Forexample, at the end of a pedicure, your nail tech/massage therapistprovides her client a cute card wrapped with netting and a bow, andwhile handing it to her client, she explains what’s packed inside.“Thank you for letting me work on your nails today. I hope youenjoyed your pedicure. I’d like to give you this gift for (insertdiscount) off a future one-hour therapeutic massage.”


Whoever checks yourclients out should always be asking, "When would you like toschedule your next session?" Even better, instead of asking“when” try: “Would you like to come back in another six weeks?This same time is available. Or, we can schedule you earlier or laterif you’d like?” It’s better to suggest dates and times,bringing your client much closer to her next appointment. Remove asmuch decision-making for your clients as possible.


Encourage your staffto wear “referral pins,” something very delicate, but interestingto the eye so that clients will ask about the pin. Have the pin’sread indirectly, enhancing the curiosity of your clients. Forexample: “Ask Me!” or “Did You Know?” … These twostatements beg an answer, luring clients to ask, “What is your pinall about?” Your staff’s response, “It’s meant to remindclients that we offer a referral program, which is (explain yourreferral program, and give them a brochure or business card atcheckout).


Put balloons out afew days a week. Use them on Saturdays, or promoting walk-ins whenyou have time for walk-ins. (Still, if you don’t, you should upsellan appointment to a walk-in for a later time in the day.) If a staffmember is coming to work and they only have two appointments, havethem blow up the balloons and write, “Walk-ins Welcome NOW.” Ofcourse, the staff member who puts the balloons out gets the walk-inclient, whenever practical. Consider investing in renting a largehelium tank to keep at your spa -- the size you see at flower shops.It’s much more convenient and economical when using balloonmarketing on a weekly basis.


There are manycommunity events that you participate in locally.

* High-spendingpower: Events for homeowners (such as Home and Garden shows), andother events where people that attend have high spending power. Byoffering information, such as brochures, and the 10-minute massage ormini facial, you encourage them to come to your spa and try a fullservice. There's also the option of being a sponsor of relevantcommunity programs like beauty pageants or fashion shows.

* Volunteer for acause: Events that are not necessarily purposed to attract newclients, but to create a local story on how your spa helps give backto the community. Pick a volunteering event and offer free servicesfor a few hours.


Reach out to localmagazine and media sources:

Magazines,newspapers, and news sites are always looking for new content. Reachout to local media sources, providing them with Press releases aboutyour business. Phrase it to be more than a sales pitch and focus on anew aspect of what makes your spa special. You can write articles,and land that article in a column in a newspaper or magazine. Thismarketing technique will give you exceptional expert status.

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