6 Unspoken Rules of Etiquette for Your Home Salon (or Spa)

Traveling plenty of miles to reach your nearest salon? Pfft. How old school. With top appointment scheduling apps guaranteeing that the very best salons bring their services to your doorstep, very few people these days opt for an alternative. Getting salon/spa services done at home is usually all about pampering you, the client and making you ultra-comfortable. From traveling with heavy, hi-tech salon equipment, to cleaning up your place and leaving it tidier than it was when they’re done, the entire experience is centered around the client. Let us explore here, how we as clients, can make this experience delightful for them as well.

Your home salon or spa is your private paradise where the worries of the world stay right outside the door and welcome in comfort and joy.  And to the people who bring us this feeling of loveliness, we owe quite a bit. Now, we are in no way dictating must-follow rules here, but as clients, we have certain ethical responsibilities, that ensure that the entire experience is delightful for everyone involved.

Here are 6 unspoken rules of etiquette to abide by when having a salon or spa appointment done at your place of choice:

                                               Make them feel at home.

Whether it is a 30minute manicure or a complete head-to-toe makeover, the professional who is working on this is in so many ways, an artist. As is the case with most artists, a nurturing and comfortable environment lets them thrive, as a result of which, you are left feeling more beautiful and radiant than ever.

Keeping this in mind, provide them with the creative space that they need to bring out their best work. Communicate with them prior to their arrival and ask them for details regarding the equipment they will be carrying, their mode of transportation (this is being considerate, and does not imply that you are offering transportation, don’t worry-they know that), about any special requirements (location related) that they will have.

Once they are able to set their mobile salon/spa service comfortably at your place, they will be able to provide you with their best work. They will be quite literally ‘in their element’. Do your best to not make them feel awkward in any way. Ask them how they would like the room temperature to be and if they would like some music when they work if it’s going to take a while, that is.

                                                                                       Offer them a Drink. 

They’re professional enough to politely refuse, but are you polite enough to offer? A rather interesting study showed that 53% of people who worked at others’ places displayed increased levels of comfort when they were offered any beverage, irrespective of whether they accepted it or not. The same study further elaborated that this increased comfort level enhanced the productivity of these professionals and they were able to surpass their usual standard of work. This applied to people across various industries; such as plumbers, home electricians and yes, home massage therapists as well.

So, the next time the beauty professional knocks at your door, welcome them with a glass of water or a cup of tea and a wide smile. It will warm them up to you and make them like you more, and we always go a little extra for the people we take a liking to. If you are a huge bridal party waiting to get all your hair and makeup done, order in some snacks for everyone and get some music on. You control the environment, and it is in your hands to make the setting as pleasant as possible.

However, politeness shouldn’t be misunderstood, hence there are certain social aspects to keep in mind. This includes simple, yet significant things that often slip our mind. For example, ask if they take their coffee with sugar. If you are having an appointment scheduled for the evening, do not offer them alcohol.

                                                       home salon treatment         

                                          Communication is Everything.

These professionals have traveled all the way to your place to provide you with a great experience. This experience is enhanced only with proper communication-you tell them what exactly you want to be done and how you want it done. And most importantly, do this before they commence their commute to your location.

Before they start their journey, provide them with clear directions on how to get to your place- communicate with them the easiest routes and be available to

Telling them simply that you want your hair styled and expecting them to show up with a selection of hair color choices is not cool at all. If you are considering getting more done, keep them well informed prior to the appointment. When prompted to provide notes regarding your appointment, take your time and enter in detail every procedure that you want to be done, special needs, any allergies, etc.

The best time to do this is at the time of booking the appointment. For group spas or bachelorette parties, this will make sure that they are well prepared beforehand and can accommodate any special requirements that you will have without them having to run around in the last minute.

                                                                                    Neat & Tidy is Key.

This should go without saying, ideally, but a reminder never hurts. Clean up the place like you would when you welcome guests to your home; this clears out space for them to do their work as well as makes them comfortable. Another advantage of presenting the staff with a neat and clean environment is that they respect your tidiness. When they are done with their work, they will clean up after themselves accordingly and leave your place as neat or even more so.

A messy home indicates that you don’t bother about such things and if you don’t, why should they? If cleaning up your entire home is troublesome, just ensure that the seating area and the room for the salon/spa staff to work are presentable. Air the room out, you don’t want the massage oils’ pungency to mingle with your scented candles.

Moreover, this neatness applies to the desks, couches, tables, chairs and other equipment as well. It is perfectly okay if everything is not spick and span but it is not okay to have a dusty room that’s going to set off a sneeze fest owing to dust allergies.

home massage therapists

                                                                                  Keep Things Handy.

Plan out the space for the massage or treatments to occur in to be well lit and equipped with the most basic things such as a mirror, a couple of chairs, a table, a side table and a jar of drinking water.

If you aren’t very chatty and would rather absorb yourself in some books or movies, make sure you have these in hand already. It is rather inconvenient to go around looking for these things after the procedure has started and quite impolite to ask the professionals to help you find the Elle Décor of this month from your living room.

If you are prone to severe allergic reactions and are triggered by multiple causes, there is a slight chance that the spa or salon products may be in your list of things to avoid. If you are not sure, then it is for the best that you be prepared for the worst. Keep your medicine cabinet nearby and epi-pen handy. 

Better yet, ensure that you are not alone at home and that someone with experience handling such emergency situations is with you. Or you could provide your list of emergency contacts to the staff and notify them beforehand of your relevant medical conditions.

                                               Kids & Pets are a NO-NO.

Obviously, no one is going to explicitly say this unless they’re allergic to cats or dogs or so. This does not mean that the professionals showing up at your place are obliged to love your pets or find your toddler irresistibly cute.

Noisy kids are an unwelcome distraction when you are trying to spend your afternoon relaxing. The massage therapist who is trying to get you to relax is going to have a really hard time getting this done if your children are crying or hungry and need your attention the whole time. Get their dad to take them out or find a sitter to keep them occupied during the appointment, you deserve this time alone anyway.

Pets are a whole different story. Yes, your puppy is the cutest thing in the whole wide world but it is a messy little being and it will be quite a distraction to the staff. From shedding fur all over the place to jumping up and down in delight on the consultants, your pets are in no way going to keep the energy level in the room set at ‘calm’. Hence, it is for the best that as with the kids, their dad takes them out for a walk or they are with a sitter.

Inform the consultants beforehand that you have pets at home so they can pass the appointment to someone else or make alternative arrangements in case they are really not comfortable with pets around.

Abide by these simple etiquettes and guarantee yourself and the consultants the best home spa/salon experience. Make sure you thank them for their efforts by adding a tip afterward and/or leaving them with good reviews later on. Bid them goodbye politely by seeing them off at the door and wishing them a safe commute. Remember, a few polite gestures go a long way- and in this case, you become a star customer to them who they look forward to serving.

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