6 Great Prom Makeup Looks

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Prom night is a big deal. It’s the kind of event that will linger in your memory and conjure up feelings for years to come. Getting ready for the big night is going to take some planning. Your prom makeup, hair, nails, outfit, and even your date all play an important role in your overall look for the evening.

So, we thought we could help out.  We have 6 gorgeous prom makeup looks that can give you a bit of inspiration.

Prom Makeup Ideas

#1 Gold Glitter

Gold GlitterInstagram / @mamamcdonie                                                                                                                        Instagram / @mamamcdonie

Recreate a glammed-up version of the girl next door with a light dusting of gold flecks just below your eyes and across the bridge of your nose. Or, go full-blown starlet with gold glitter flake shadow. Achieve either look using Kandeolove’s At Dusk gold glitter pot.

#2 Matte and Nude Lip

Matte and Nude LipInstagram / @swetlanapetuhova                                                                                                                    Instagram / @pinkpanda

Your lip color is the anchor to your overall prom makeup look. While ink, bullet, gloss, and liquid lipsticks all have their place, the nude, matte lip is reigning supreme this prom season. The color on the left is @hanadibeautycosmetics Stripped Liquid Lipstick. The color on the right is from Nelly - Diva Crime Lipstick Rock 'N' Nude from Nabla.

#3 Crease Liner

Crease LinerInstagram / @theglamourkingdom / @swetlanapetuhova / @nerizyx

You can get creative with your eyes, perhaps more than any other aspect of your prom makeup. You have a seemingly endless number of options from which to choose with your lashes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascara.

#4 Big, Bold, Electric Eyes

Big, Bold, Electric EyesInstagram / @jessicarose_makeup / @michellypalmamakeup / @Lupita_Lemus

Bright, bold eye shadow can add a memorable edge to your look. Using shades of purple, blue, green, or bright pink can make your makeup more dramatic, and even sultrier. Start with a primer to make sure your eye shadow stays the same color, from palette or pot to lid. Without a primer, your shadow can mix with your skin color and come out seeming more green or purple than blue. You can really punctuate the look with black, navy, or violet liner and mascara.

#5 Deep, Dark Lips

Dark LipsInstagram / @makeupbyalinna

Matte black lipstick is always a bold move to make. The same can be said for dark reds and blues. The key to pulling off matte black lipstick is to make your lips the focal point of your prom makeup and your overall look by using your makeup and jewelry to balance the look so your don’t go from having a dramatic lip to tipping the scales toward goth or punk… unless that’s the look you’re going for. This particular shade of black lipstick is called Black of Knight from Kylie Cosmetics.

#6 Luscious 3D Lashes

Luscious 3D LashesInstagram / @sophieloveshermakeup

3D fiber eyelashes are long and thick. If you happen to be a lash wearer, 3D lashes will add a natural kind of tussled fullness to your lashes that you won’t get from your typical lash strips. Some people prefer fur lashes to fiber lashes. Whichever you choose, you will need to determine what length and thickness that are most comfortable for you

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