There is no industry, no field, no position and no dream that is beyond the reach of a woman. Centuries of oppression and being told what to do has caused a rebellion so powerful, like a volcanic eruption, and brought out the best in women across the world. These women have risen so high, and so strong, they inspire awe and respect in anyone who comes across their story.

On behalf of Personal Beauty and Wellness, here we present to you five women across the world, who we admire and respect and have certainly made this world a million times better in the past few years.

Tarana Burke

  • Tarana Burke

The period of 2018-19 witnessed the tremendous rise of millions of women against sexual abuse as a part of the expansion legendary ‘Me Too’ movement founded by Tarana Burke. Burke coined the phrase way back in 2006 with an aim to reveal the prevalence of sexual abuse and assault all around her. She went on to promote the moment to help victims across the world, with a focus on the minorities in terms of race, monetary status and more. This movement provided millions of women, and men, to speak up against their perpetrators and break years of silence and for this:

Tarana Burke, we thank you.

Ahed Tamimi

  • Ahed Tamimi

There is so much to admire about this young and brave, brave Palestinian woman who slapped an Israeli soldier and was imprisoned for 8 months until the end of July 2018. Her supporters hold her up in high regard as a symbol of resistance against Israel’s occupation in West Bank, where she lives. Hailing from a family of activists, with her brother and uncle killed during different protests, she also holds a significant place in the hearts of those struggling for Palestinian independence. For showing us that age is but a number and for encouraging us to fight for what is ours:

Ahed Tamimi, we thank you.

Serena Williams

  • Serena Williams

Every single thing about this brilliant and beautiful sportswoman is admirable. Her athletic record is unparalleled, with four Olympic medals and recognition for holding the world record for the highest number of Grand Slam titles. However, it is not her talent in sports that we admire the most about her. Recently, the birth of her child, a traumatic event for her that almost resulted in her death, left her behind with severe post-natal depression. She utilized her experience to reach out to others suffering from the same condition, making the condition all the more relatable to while raising awareness against the severity of it, while suffering herself. For being so brave and showing the women who suffer that they are not alone;

Serena Williams, we thank you.

Jameela Jamil

  • Jameela Jamil

The fashion, beauty and cosmetics industry in ties with supermodels have been setting unrealistic standards of ‘beauty’ for girls and women since ages. By openly calling out the airbrushing trend so popular in international media and Hollywood, she exposed how women were being subjected to the unattainable body, hair, and skin ‘goals’ by magazines and other media. She actively vouches against airbrushing and unrealistic editing and promotes the idea of women falling in love with the way they are and for this;

Jameela Jamil, we thank you.

  • You

For being the sister who always is right and gives the best advice there is whether it comes to clothes, boys or girls. For being the best friend who we can call and cry to at 3 am. For being the bestest mom anyone can ask for, ever. For being the best chef, your grandkids will tell everyone about. For being the better half in every man’s life, for being the wonderful and beautiful person that you are;

You strong woman, we thank you.

Happiest International Women’s Day to each and every woman in the world from Personal Beauty and Wellness. To know more about us and pamper yourself to some spa time or get a perfect manicure that you deserve, click here.


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