5 Simple Ways to Guarantee Positive Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Enough emphasis simply cannot be placed on the value of compelling and believable reviews by genuine customers who avail your service or buy your products. The genuineness of the reviews matters just as much as the review itself. No matter what you think, rest assured that when you fake reviews for your services, there is a trail of tell-tale signs left behind. But we understand- it is not exactly easy to convince clients to provide detailed reviews. Hence here comes the challenge: convincing the customers to review you and do so positively.


salon or spa visit is intended to be a wholesome experience for everyone involved, essentially a nurturing one as well. As much as the quality of the service you provide matters, there are many other factors that play a pivotal role in the overall customer experience. Among these factors are the: entire ambiance, people around, other services, feeling of security as well as the checkout experience. Needless to mention the factors relevant to the service that have an effect on client experience are in plenty. To name a few (yes this is indeed just a few from a long, long list) the presentability of their client, as well as their personality, affect the client experience significantly. The quality of the products used, visible proof of the service being proven effective, associated brand popularity and credibility, the duration of the treatment, level of personalization of the service, attention to details and so on- each of them contribute to the customer reviews that you can expect.

In simple words, positive reviews are a cumulative effort focusing on various aspects of the experience your customer undergoes right from the moment they book your service until even after the checkout. This means that everything you say and do matters and there is no actual way to prioritize one aspect over any other.

Hence to be on the safer side, abide by five simple mantras for you to abide by to bag those five-star reviews:

a. Strike that balance between friendly and professional- do not compromise on either. When in doubt, however, go by your professional instincts.

b. Talk to your clients. Ask them what they like done and what result are they expecting following their appointment with you.

c. Know Your Clients. To supplement the intel that you have gained on them that they provided you with at the time of booking, get your clients to tell you their needs openly. Take notes or provide them with a detailed questionnaire that ideally covers all you need to know about them.

d. Make them feel safe and comfortable. massage appointment is never going to work well unless the client actually relaxes. This goes for other beauty and wellness centres as well. Provide them with a locker to keep their belongings safe. If they seem uncomfortable with you, let go any ego and step aside.

e. The Ambience matters a LOT. Keep the salon/spa ultra-clean at all times. Ensure that the restrooms are clean and presentable. Stock more tissues than towels. An immaculate salon/spa gives a strong impression from the minute the clients walk through the door.

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