4 Historic Women-Owned Beauty Brands That We Still Love Today

It’s Women’s History Month so we thought it would be cool to take a look at the women who made beauty… well, beautiful. Say what you will about sadistic men inventing high heeled shoes, women have been known to reinvent convention when necessary to move fashion, beauty, and style to the next stage of evolution.

In this post, we’re paying homage to 4 remarkable women and 4 iconic beauty products they gave us.


#1 Coco Chanel


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Coco Chanel

Image Source: Gazeta

Born Gabrielle Chanel in Saumur, France, Coco Chanel were a peasant and an orphan before she invented haute couture, the little black dress, and the bouclé suit. Of course, Chanel No. 5 is still one of the top-selling perfumes of all time.

Chanel No. 5

#2 Mary Kay Ash



Mary Kay Ash

In 1963, a Texas mother and wife launched a direct sales business for women to help women earn money and boost their confidence with the work flexibility moms needed to balance work and family life (as much as we can anyway). Five and a half decades later, Mary Kay Cosmetics is still one of the top-performing direct sales beauty companies in the world, topping $3.5 billion in sales in 2016.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Our choice for a favorite product is the Timewise Volufirm Eye Renewal Cream, which magically disappears lines and removes under-eye puffiness in real-time. You will actually see a difference after just a few minutes. 

#3 Elizabeth Arden



Elizabeth Arden

Born Florence Nightingale Graham (not that one), the woman who eventually started doing business as Elizabeth Arden initially did go into nursing. She was naturally curious about skincare and was always educating herself on new techniques. In 1910, she opened her first salon, Red Door, a name most of us associate with the popular Elizabeth Arden parfum. At the height of her career, she had 150 high-end salons operating all over the world. Elizabeth Arden is single-handedly responsible for the complete rebrand of makeup as a necessary part of a true lady’s daily beauty rituals at a time when wearing makeup was previously seen as something only lower class women did.

Elizabeth Arden

In honor of Women’s History Month, Elizabeth Arden has partnered with Reese Witherspoon for a relaunch of its Red Door Red lipstick. The relaunch is part of the March on the campaign to support and empower women.

#4 Estée Lauder


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Estée Lauder

The husband and wife team of Joseph and Estée Lauder launched the eponymous company that introduced the concept of “Gift with Purchase” to the beauty industry. EstéeLauder was a talented, relentless entrepreneur and a charming saleswoman. She believed in winning loyal customers by creating products that resonated with them. She learned from her uncle how to formulate skin care products and apply them to women’s faces. That skill set is precisely what enabled the company to grow as quickly as it did.

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