3 Reasons Why You Should STOP Spending Money on Your Business Website

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Inevitable and obvious is the fact that in order to establish your business’ online presence and connect with potential customers across the world, you need a fully functional and interactive business website. The development and handling of such websites are processes that are ever so often too expensive to handle for small to medium scale businesses. Setting a perfect business website up is a process that involves spending a lot of money at various stages including designing the website, hosting it and everything in between.

Here are three reasons why you really should consider not spending money on your business website:

1. As of 2018, the costs incurred to design a functional business website averaged at values no less than $4500, for a basic informational website. This value significantly increases if business owners require corporate or e-commerce websites, values going up to even $55,000 for the latter. Now, keep in mind- we have only explored the prices of designing a website.

In the beauty and wellness industry, a business website needs to satisfy a few criteria that ensure that it acts as the perfect marketing tool. The website needs to be attractive, to begin with. The attractiveness should blend with the professional capacity of the website and provide for a seamless experience for the user, who could be just browsing or even purchasing products from the site. Now, this website will bear annual maintenance costs that can go from a few hundred dollars all the way up to $30,000.

Breaking down this cost further, we see that the costs include charges:

-for creating a theme from scratch for your website

-hosting and security of the website

-creating responsive designs for your website

-ensuring that the media is interactive

-developing a content management system

-perfecting the e-commerce functionality

-some companies might even do minimal SEO (this is a different ball game all together) for you

-and so on.

Considering that most freelancers or small businesses inclusive of start-ups are mainly funded by the founders via refinance of their personal assets, loans, credit cards, small business loans, and etc. These huge initial costs are just too much for them and hence some of these businesses could not afford them and could go out of business sooner.

2. Building a website from scratch takes plenty of time. The more complicated the website is, as e-commerce websites generally are, the longer it is going to take to develop the site.

On an average, you can expect the process to go on up to 6 months. This includes the time taken for the designs to be approved, the core development to take place using the completed designs, the respective content to be added and modifications to be made during various stages.

The average time period decided upon is under the assumption that you have an entire development team-designers, coders, testers; the whole lot working solely on the website. Once the website is ready, the marketing to be followed, whichever strategy you are implementing will take months to show actual results. For small or even medium size businesses, this is plenty of time that is being invested on a website that could actually be spent selling the products or services and generating revenue.

3. The third reason is the most optimal one as to why you should stop spending a tonne of money on a website- the presence of a convenient, cost-free alternative such as PBW PRO’s free business website. Yes, you read that right.

Business Website

PBW Pro offers you a variety of themes well suited to your beauty or wellness related business. These themes are attractive and designed strategically to provide a suitable space to list out services provided by various consultants across the world. Whether you own a quaint little spa around the corner or are a blooming bridal make-up artist building your clientele, there are personalised themes for everyone in the industry. Your website is your business’ ultimate online identity and with PBW Pro, consider best first impressions guaranteed.

The clients can directly book appointments from the website. Your services will be listed along with your business hours and available staff. In a few simple steps, their appointment with you is scheduled and you can confirm it at your convenience.

 This free website doubles as a space to showcase customer ratings and reviews. Remember to ask your clients to rate you, because you can display your ratings and reviews on your website for potential customers to see and make the best choice. Furthermore, businesses can sell their products- beauty and/or wellness related directly on their own website where they will be listed out and spotlighted for customers to see.

This free website is an extremely powerful digital marketing tool as this helps you establish your presence online and show up in search results. The necessity of standing out from your competitors is not something we can overstate, ever. By displaying your business’ social profiles on your free website, you guarantee that the reach to your business is maximised with minimal effort from your part. PBW PRO hosts the website for you and also helps you market your business at zero cost to you or your business.

Say goodbye to the pricey website builders and hosts and say hello to a world of savings and increased revenues with PBW PRO. Click here to check out our various features. Sign Up here and get started on your path to success at no cost, no contract, and no credit card required.

With PBW PRO you no longer need to borrow money against your homes or assets, or business loans or credit cards to start a business. PBW PRO platform is what a lot of freelancers and small to medium size businesses across the world have been waiting for.

Click here to sign up today and create your own website, able to take payment directly from your website. And start growing your business at zero cost.

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