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Enhancing the Barbershop Tradition

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The Barbershop Tradition

Barbershops have never really been just about getting one’s hair styled or beards shaved. Since the inception of this set up, they have been a community hot spot where work is mingled with gossip, laughter and merriment.

With the PBW Pro, an easy to use barbershop booking app, welcome lots more potential clients into the community and strengthen the bonds with your existing clients. Setting up your own free barbershop website allows you to offer exciting membership packages, promotional offers and lots more to your clients from wherever you are. Your clients can use this barber shop scheduling app to book and manage their appointments with you. They can even pay you online for your services and buy your products.

Barbershop Appointment App


Use our barbershop complete solution to help manage your schedule increase your appointments, prevent no-shows, improve customer retention and attract new clients.

Send Automated Reminders

Send Automated Reminders

Our barber software allows you to send automatic reminders via SMS or email, helping to ensure clients will not forget the appointments or contact you if they need to reschedule.

Make Your Day Run Smoothly

Make Your Day Run Smoothly

PBW Pro calendar allows you to see all appointments at a glance, making it easy to manage resources and schedule new appointments.

View Your Schedule On Any Device

View Your Schedule On Any Device

Use our app to access your schedule from anywhere, allowing you to better plan your day.It's easy to schedule customers using PBW PRO website and app, anytime, anywhere.

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