Here Is How You Can Make Sure That Your Staff and Clients Feel at Home in Your Salons/Spas

Salons/Spas as workplaces are hectic and often tense spaces. There is definitely no room for boredom in a popular salon or spa given the pressure of exceling in a highly competitive field and standing out. The question then becomes this: Are your consultants/staffs overworked? More often than not, the answer is yes, and you probably know this already.

It is one thing to have a tight schedule that strikes an optimal balance between work and personal life. We often see consultants/staffs sticking around from early mornings to late evenings, and attending home calls during their personal time. How does this affect the productivity of your staff? Yes, the business revenue is high, but is it a good solution in the long run? Perhaps not. 

The salon/spa staffs are under constant pressure to keep up their performances while staying up to date on the latest treatment protocols and trends. Moreover, as salon/spa staff their appearance and interaction with clients matter a lot as they are the face of your business.

Given the consultants/staffs are the ones who liaise with your customers and handle almost all the interaction with them at any point.  It becomes the duty of the management to ensure that your staff are relaxed enough to provide your customers a wholesome and memorable experience in order to foster repeat business and recommendation of your service or business to their friends and families.  Management can achieve this without any additional expense, by implementing just a few feasible and effective staff happiness strategies.

Given most of your staff spend a significant part of their day at work, within the walls of your salons, it is of prime importance that the ecosystem of the salon is accommodative, friendly and preferably home like. Ergonomic workspaces have constantly shown to affect both the quality and quantity of the work done positively. Practically, it does not seem possible to redesign the entire business location, however this can and should be done over time. To start with, try clearing out a fair amount of space- a lounge of sorts where the staff can unwind, maybe grab a snack or take a nap when free. Ensure that this personal space is maintained well with enough amenities and sunlight and that all your staff are indiscriminately given access to this area.

If you are an established salon/spa, with considerable amounts of revenue pouring in, consider providing staff in need free or inexpensive accommodation and/or transport (in some countries/ states there are free government incentives which are tax deductible for your business). This takes the pressure away from them of relying on public transport or walking back home and lets them focus on their work. Salon/spa staff are known for their charming personalities and engaging conversations with clients, be it during a simple haircut or an extensive facial treatment. A rapport is hence built between your staffs and clients and this bond, even more than the service per se is what contributes to the perfect salon/spa experience and keeps them coming back.

Furthermore, offering your staff incentives, hosting events offsite and outings cultivate a healthy community where your staff can grow and bond. Salon, spa owners and others, do let me know your thoughts on how you make your consultants feel comfortable at work.

This is an article penned by Andre Wouansi, CEO & Co-Founder of Personal Beauty and Wellness, published previously on LinkedIn.

Article published by LinkedIn

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